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Organic farm and agritourism, we produce, wine, oil, cheese, cereals, vegetables, honey

The Manostalla Farm is an ancient baglio dating back to the early 1800s, once owned by the Jesuit Fathers who used it as a place of prayer within the Manostalla feud of Barons Chiarelli Rossotti of Pietralonga. Nestled in the incomparable scenery of the Gulf of Castellammare, the Manostalla Farm is an opportunity to stay in one of the most evocative and representative of rural Sicily a stone's throw from extraordinary scenic or architectural beauty including the Natural Reserve of Zingaro, the Archaeological Park of Segesta, the beach of Balestrate and is just 50 km from the splendor of Erice, Palermo, Monreale.

Fattoria Manostalla offers a catering service using mainly its own products, such as oil, milk, cheese and vegetables. The grapes produced on the farm are tasted as soon as they are harvested or transformed into the highly appreciated Vino Bianco d'Alcamo. In addition, for years the Farm has become part of the vast network of Social Farms that promote intellectual productivity and an active and emotional involvement of young people through workshops and practical experiences.

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